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DUI - Beyond the Courtroom

Learn how your client's DUI offense may impact everything from employment
Credit(s): 5 General
Product ID: C2093-VID
Original Program Date: February 22, 2013
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    Approved for accreditation by the National College for DUI Defense, Inc.

    The impact of a DUI arrest extends beyond the courtroom. In fact, the ripple effect of a DUI charge will impact your client much more than you realize and certainly more than the client assumes. In this comprehensive program learn about the collateral consequences and related issues about which you are expected to advise your client as part of the process of assessing any disposition, as well as what to expect just from the charge alone! In addition to the lasting after effects, learn the best ways to attack the charge itself from early on to avoid the potentially harmful aftermath of a conviction.

    Chicago: Thomas T. Glasgow, Law Office of Thomas Glasgow, LTD, Chicago
    Springfield: Theodore J. Harvatin, Harvatin Law Offices, PC, Springfield

    BAIID & MDDP Related Issues
    When faced with a suspension or loss of driving privileges, clients want to know if they qualify for anything to retain their ability to drive, especially when their jobs depend on it. Learn from the head of the BAIID Division for the Secretary of State exactly who qualifies and how they can obtain BAIID or MDDP driving permits. Then hear from the head of BAIID and MDDP revocation hearings for the Secretary of State on what to caution your client about regarding violations.
    Susan McKinney, Illinois Secretary of State, BAIID Division, Springfield
    Marc C. Loro, Senior Legal Advisor, Dept. of Administrative Hearings, Office of the SOS, Springfield

    Secretary of State Consequences
    Knowing how to advise your client on the Secretary of State consequences can be tricky and time consuming to look up. Learn the basics of statutory suspensions, revocations, and administrative hearings in this nuts and bolts segment, including the answer to the popular question, "Should I have blown?".
    Chicago: Thomas T. Glasgow, Law Office of Thomas Glasgow, LTD, Chicago
    Stephanie Olsson, Law Office of Thomas Glasgow, LTD, Chicago
    Springfield: Theodore J. Harvatin, Harvatin Law Offices, PC, Springfield

    Collateral Consequences
    A DUI presents issues for more than just your client's ability to drive. It can create issues in immigration, travel, and even employment opportunities. Learn some of the consequences you not only should know about, but are expected to inform your client about prior to disposition.
    Chicago: Steven H. Fagan, Fagan, Fagan & Davis, Des Plaines
    Springfield: J. Randall Cox, Feldman, Wasser, Draper & Cox, Springfield.

    Making Sure Suspicion is Reasonable & Cause is Probable
    Learn some of the most common Fourth Amendment challenges in a DUI case and know what to look for in your client's case from the start. The areas to be discussed include: issues with the overall appearance and behavior of the driver during the traffic stop, issues raised by each of the three standardized field sobriety tests approved by The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (HGN, Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand), and issues raised by the administration or refusal of a portable breath test. Also addressed will be issues raised by the use, or misuse, of a video recording of the stop. Know what practitioners should be mindful of in each situation and possible arguments that could be raised to challenge the traffic stop and dispute the DUI from the beginning.
    Chicago: William B. Beattie, Law Office of Thomas Glasgow, LTD, Chicago
    Springfield: Lindsay R. Evans, Sorling Northrup Attorneys, Springfield

    Field Sobriety Testing
    Knowing the proper techniques that should be used by police during a field sobriety test takes time for an attorney to learn. In this informative session, learn from an experienced criminal defense attorney, who is certified in field sobriety testing, on how your client's case should have been handled and what can make the test invalid.
    Chicago: J. Brick Van Der Snick, Van Der Snick Law Firm, LTD., Geneva
    Springfield: Gregory D. Fombelle, Fombelle & Fombelle LLP, Forsyth

    Q & A Panel with Defense, Prosecution, and a Judge
    Get relevant tips and information to help advocate for your client during plea negotiations, hearing, and trials. Take advantage of this prime opportunity to get viewpoints and answers from every side.
    Chicago Faculty:
    Thomas T. Glasgow, Law Office of Thomas Glasgow, LTD, Chicago
    Mohammad Ahmad, Cook County State's Attorneys' Office, Chicago
    Judge: Hon. John D. Tourtelot, Fourth Municipal District, Rolling Meadows

    Springfield Faculty:
    Gregory D. Fombelle, Fombelle & Fombelle LLP, Forsyth
    Michael H. Varlotta, Sangamon County State's Attorneys' Office, Springfield
    Judge: Hon. John M. Madonia, Seventh Circuit Judicial Circuit, Springfield

    5 General   5 Credits

    - Elizabeth (Macomb, IL)
    - dennis (nashville, IL)
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