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Winning at ADR: Understanding Advocacy in Arbitration & Mediation

Credit(s): 3 Professional Responsibility
Product ID: C2073-VID
Original Program Date: October 8, 2012
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
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  • Featuring two experienced arbitrators from ADR Systems in Chicago, the Midwest’s largest alternative dispute resolution service.

    Advocacy in Arbitration
    Learn about the steps you can take to advocate for your client in arbitration. Gain answers to questions like: When is arbitration appropriate? What parts of your case are you gaining or losing by agreeing to arbitrate? What steps can you take to influence the selection of the arbitrator? How can you use evidentiary rules to help your case? What arguments can you make for your client to persuade the arbitrator?
    Eric J. Parker, Stotis & Baird Chartered, Chicago

    Advocacy in Mediation
    Mediation can be a valuable tool, when used correctly. During this hour, learn how mediation can work in high-value cases, how to choose the right mediator, what factors to consider, and how to set the terms to make mediation effective for your client.
    Matthew L. Willens, Willens Law Offices, Chicago

    Effective Advocacy: The Neutral’s Perspective on What is Persuasive in ADR
    Every good attorney can design credible arguments for their clients, but how do you know what will be persuasive? Learn from an experienced arbitrator how to shape convincing arguments and how to be an effective advocator even if you’re not persuading a jury.
    Judge Henry Simmons (Ret), ADR Systems, Chicago
    Kevin Sido, Esq, ADR Systems, Chicago

    3 Professional Responsibility   3 Credits

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    Winning at ADR Program Materials-M-DNANA
    PowerPoint Slides (In Note-Taking Format)NANA
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